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Hotel Tokas Neemrana

Hotel, Rooms, Restaurants & Banquet Halls

Welcome to the Hotel Tokas , a modern luxury hotel in Neemrana offers a combination of warm Indian hospitality and efficient service, located in the Japanese Zone at Delhi Jaipur Highway (NH-8). Hotel Tokas, is among the most highly rated economy hotel in the Neemrana city, and offers you an elaborate range of services and facilities even on a modest budget. Hotel Tokas is one of the best hotels in Neemrana, India. Hotel Tokas offers you a comfortable and affordable stay. You can avail budget accommodation in Neemrana in any or set of 33 Single bed, double bed , three bed and four bed deluxe rooms. We constantly strive to provide you with quality hospitality in the most efficient manner so as to also make your trip to the city easy on your pocket.


Hotel Tokas is a Luxury Deluxe Hotel in Neemrana is located at the Delhi- Jaipur Highway.We known for our Architecture and hospitality.

Restaurant & Take Away

One of the supreme multi cuisines restaurants in Neemrana. Situated at NH-8, the joint offers the best in hospitality, ambience, and entertainment and of course food.


Hotel Tokas Neemrana is the perfect backdrop for your stay. We Offers well-appointed rooms and 4 luxurious suites, The elegantly furnished rooms feature private balconies overlooking the Hill-view and the lush gardens.

Banquet Halls

The Biggest and best Banquet Hall in Neemrana. We serve meal complete with main ourses and desserts. We have our own bakery too which cater to our in-house guests in our hotel.

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